Modern Product Designer working on startups

My name is Sasha Romanov. I am a Product Designer who is always on the go.
My approach with design is to craft solutions that are simple, delightful, and efficient.
Currently I’m available for work. Previously Product Designer at VK and Telegram Messenger.


I worked on various types of challenges as a part of the Telegram team. Mostly on OS X and Android applications. On our journey to perfection we changed thousands small details, conducted hundreds experiments in UX. Also I took part in developing applications for iOS and WP.

Product DesignerDec 2013 – Jun 2015

Bat Norton

Me and my team were constantly changing design to increase sales and customer retention. Bat Norton was one of the many other projects we worked on.

Lead DesignerJan 2015 – Jun 2015


RobotCity is a Czech Republic based company working in a field of eco-friendly innovative transportation. Guys were absolutely desperate when I met them. They needed design for web, mobile and iOS application. And immediately. I really love challenges, so I joined them and very soon it has been all done. And done perfectly. Sadly they couldn't find a good developer, so the website doesn't look as planed.

Product DesignerMay 2015 – Jul 2015


Nowadays if youth wants to find a party, they use social media, especially social networks. So we decided to make fast and sleek app that aggregates those activities from social communities and makes it easier to find a place to party and hangout. Still in development.

CEO, DesignerMay 2015 – Present

The first company I worked with is the largest European social network. At first I won few design contests and showed myself to advantage. I had various tasks: from mobile to web. I gained a lot of experience and then moved to Telegram.

UI/UX DesignerNov 2012 – Dec 2013
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